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Give’em the Finger

There has been an influx!! An irritating incursion of trendy little hipsters who has the world by their fingertips and now in their infinite wisdom, would like it permanently tattooed or their scrawny little digits too. Now, I’m not here to tell you that it’s wrong, and in no way is this an expression of…

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Nine Pounds of Imagination

The dominant Instagram post or Pinterest pin. We seem to have traded our imagination for easily accessible ideas or, should I rather say, trends. In the tattooing world, we have what is colloquially referred to as “Nine-Pounders.” There are various varieties of these trending (but loathed) tattoos, ranging from a heartbeat to anything that disintegrates.…

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The Anxious Apprentice

So your mom sticks all your drawings on the fridge and last week she even framed one for the living room. You are introduced to others as “that guy who can draw pretty good” and your homework book is filled with a stop frame Spiderman jumping to his death, and now you want to tattoo.…

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