5 Things to consider before getting a finger tattoo

Finger and hand tattoos are the latest craze to hit the local fashion scene, with loads of trendy young people rushing to...

The Low Down On Cover-up Tattoos

Whether it’s a tattoo of your cheating ex-boyfriend’s name, a poorly rendered mural of a shitty 90s punk band, or a word...

Brett Talks Scars, Lego and Music (And Tips for Planning a Tattoo Sleeve)

Tattoo Story: Brett Kirsten Brett started his tattoo sleeve with a flaming cue ball with his lucky number 4 at age 18...

Dry Healing vs Wrap Healing (Everything You Need To Know)

Dry Healing vs Wrap Healing (Everything You Need To Know)   Which is right for you? Opinions are like assholes…you know how...
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Tattoo Story: For the love of ink

Whether it’s in memory of a loved one, an expression of creativity or an attempt to cover up a drunken mistake, there...

Tattoo Story: It Doesn’t Always Have To Mean Something

When you meet Gina Gordon the first thing you notice is her soft-natured, shy smile that after a while turns into an...
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