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The True Blue Coffee Co

“Coffee”. The mere mention of this fragrant beverage completely evokes the senses. A staple of early morning risers, industrious individuals and those with a simple craving for a ‘Cuppa’, this caffeine-laden drink rouses the soul and inspires the mind. Since joining the human race’s menu over 600-years ago, coffee has been presented in a variety…

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Popular Tattoo Fads

Hands up, how many of you out there has a one of those Chinese symbol tattoos? Let’s be honest here. If however, you are not the proud owner of some form of ridiculous, yet highly philosophical, kinda mystical looking thing protruding from your lower backside, in the shape of a Chinese symbol tattoo, you’re probably…

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Tattoo Failures

So if you have access to the net and social pages I’m almost certain you have seen some sort of tattoo failure compilation, which a set of images that portray terrible tattoos, either done badly, just plain absurd moronic images or just a tattoo that’s been put on the wrong place. Let’s take a dive…

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