The True Blue Coffee Co

“Coffee”. The mere mention of this fragrant beverage completely evokes the senses. A staple of early morning risers, industrious individuals and those with a simple craving for a ‘Cuppa’, this caffeine-laden drink rouses the soul and inspires the mind. Since joining the human race’s menu over 600-years ago, coffee has been presented in a variety…

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Think Before You Ink

“Think before you ink”. These were the words written in big, bold letters on the front of exam papers in high school, and duly ignored by most students who were just trying to get that shit done and get the hell out of there… However, now that I’m a little older (and just a little…

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5 Things to consider before getting a finger tattoo

Finger and hand tattoos are the latest craze to hit the local fashion scene, with loads of trendy young people rushing to their nearest tattoo shops in the hope of getting their digits inked. While finger tattoos may seem “super cool and uber trendy” (is that what the kids are saying these days?), like any…

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