The True Blue Coffee Co

“Coffee”. The mere mention of this fragrant beverage completely evokes the senses. A staple of early morning risers, industrious individuals and those...
Be Yourself

Be Yourself. Be True Blue.

It all started with a line. A line that connects us all, across borders, cultures, religions and professions. Steeped in history,...
Think before you ink

Think Before You Ink

“Think before you ink”. These were the words written in big, bold letters on the front of exam papers in high school,...
A guide to becoming a badass tattoo artist

A Guide To Becoming A Badass Tattoo Artist

Truth be told, when it comes to making your mark in the tattoo industry, being able to draw well accounts for about...
Tattoo fads_ The good, bad and ugly

A Fad Aint Always So Bad

Show of hands – who remembers how popular Chinese symbol tattoos were, or those ‘wicked’ tribal tattoo that were all the rage...
Do you do cover ups

Do You Do Cover Ups

We hear it almost every day, yet to some, it doesn’t always sink in until it sank in… Every day our shop...
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